Wednesday, March 24, 2010

White Chocolate Mousse Tarts

Chocolate!!! just hearing the name gets us all drooling and craving for it. Kids and adults alike love chocalate but a fortunate few can actually devour it guilt free. We had this impromptu potluck party planned at one of our dear friends house at half a days notice. So we all planned an elaborate menu over the phone and by meeting each other for a few minutes at our kids school.

We all together planned out the spread as jeera rice, kadhi, rajma, peas stuffed puri, ras malai,Hyderabadi Mirch ka salan, refried bean-salsa dip with tortilla chips, veg cutlets, cabbage subzi, corn salad and a non vegetarian entree. I had chosen to make the Mirch ka salan and corn salad but at the last moment thought of making a special dessert for the kids mostly 4-5 year olds and a couple 9 yr olds. I just bought these mini graham cracker pie crusts from the store checked the recipe on the back of it and found the recipe for the white chocolate mousse.


1 can (14 oz) sweetened condensed milk
6 oz white chocolate, chopped about 6 squares of a baking bar of chocolate
1/2 tsp almond extract
2 cups whipped cream
12 mini graham cracker ready piecrusts


Brush the pie crusts with beaten egg whites and bake them for 5 minutes before filling at 375 degree F.

Chill a large mixing bowl and the beaters of a electric mixer in the refrigerator for about half an hour.

In a medium saucepan combine the sweetened condensed milk and the chopped white chocolate.

Cook and kepp stirring on a very low heat till the chocolate melts.

Remove from heat and stir in the almond extract.

Cool to room temperature stirring it occasionally.

In the meanwhile , take the chilled bowl and beaters and beat the whipping cream on medium speed of electric mixer until soft peaks form.

Fold into it the condensed milk chocolate mixture very gently and spoon this mixture into the lightly baked pie crusts.

Refrigerate for atleast 4 hours or until set.

Garnish as desired with chocolate flakes or sprinkles (as I did) and keep refrigerated until ready to serve.


  1. wow! You make it sound easy and it looks gourmet.

  2. mmmm..this looks so delicious..yummy..