Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Thank you Ramya for considering me for this award. I am truly honoured and humbled by this appreciation. I would like to pass on this honor to Jagruti of Joy of Cooking.
Rules for accepting these awards: 1. Thank the person who presented you with this award.2. Pass it on to one or many blogger friends.
This award is motivating enough for me to post more recipes on my blog.


  1. Hey Priya

    Congrats on your well earned award!! njoy it and keep cooking and blogging...thanks a ton for sharing with me..so sweet of you...

  2. hey congrats so much on your award..


  3. Congrats on ur sweet Award,i love JAgs too...aint she a sweety heart?
    And yeah thanx a ton for hopping by-i added u to my reader too but unfortunately my new posts aint updating at the moment :-(((((
    Sat but true...
    Have a happy day.....

  4. Guess, first time here...its a pleasure to discover your blog, love Mumbai food...looking forward to learn more from your experimentation-vegetarian cuisine. Same here, I keep playing with ingredients always...

    Congrats on your award:)

  5. oh ho ho! somebody has become award winner!!!!!!! too much...I guess this is my first post....but I am proud of you...but yearning to eat these man....you made all these and clicked it by yourself...awesome...amma and appa are going to have a feast....its time for u to go beyong blogs........guess u cud start your coaching classes, take catering services and I guess you have the potential to making it big...........i will come there and settle down...will save me all my cooking time and experimentation......