Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I bought this can of Alphonso mango pulp like I always do to make either Aamras or Mango Kulfi when I was grocery shopping last week. But this time I wanted to do something new with it and when I was casually browsing through a cookbook Samaithu Paar by the late Smt.Meenakshi Ammal gifted to me by my friend I came across this recipe and thought Well!!!! I think I should give it a try. And to my surprise it came out well. Another reason for me to make it was that I was supposed to meet one of my friends who is a sweet freak .

This is a very simple to make dish (I generally like to try only the simple to make sweet dishes)The more involved ones I reserve it for the spicy and savoury things as I personally love to eat that kind of food.

4 cups mango pulp
2 cups sugar (if using fresh mango pulp)/1 1/4 cup sugar if using canned pulp
30-35 gm cashewnuts
About 200 gm ghee
8 green cardamoms
Borneal flakes(Pachaikarpooram) a pinch (optional)

If using fresh mango pulp see to it that there are no lumps in it.
In a wide mouth heavy vessel bring the mango pulp to a boil stirring now and then.
When the pulp starts boiling add the sugar and stir continuously.
Fry the broken cashewnuts in a little ghee and add it to the boiling pulp and stir.
When the pulp has become thick, add the ghee gradually while stirring continuosly.
When the halwa starts leaving the sides of the vessel, remove from fire.
Add to it the cardamom powder and borneal flakes and mix well.
Pour the halwa onto a greased plate and let it cool.
Once cooled cut it into pieces and serve.


  1. yummy looking halwa..i guess must chewy, i love those type of sweets..

    cheers and hope 2 c u again

  2. Wow anything with mango wud be just delicious!!!

  3. Sounds simple to make and the ingredients are easy to stock in my pantry.

  4. I have two awards for you Priya! Congratulations!Visit My blog to collect your awards.

  5. First time here...liked your "About me " page..have seen many friends this way :)
    Halwa looks tempting and easy..

  6. Oh i love this one coz my great great grand aunt used to make something v similiar but we call it mangada,she was a total portuguese cuisine lover ...i made a jammy one last year and u sure pinged me to make this one this year...

    Cheers and happy day to u....