Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A very touching thing

These past few days all that we see and hear about on Tv or elsewhere is about the tragic earthquake in Haiti. My heart goes out to all the people there for having to go through such a difficult time in their lives. Why do all these small and poor nations get affected by such huge calamities? Is'nt it enough that most of the people have to work hard to make ends meet and live a normal happy life?

Well we have been getting requests for helping the affected people of Haiti in many different ways and we are planning to do something in our means to help these people get back on their feet and emerge stronger.

But what my elder son Adit did today was very sudden and sweet on his part. When one of the child in the neighbourhood had come home for a donation towards Haiti through their school , before I could say something or get some money to hand it to the girl my son opened his piggy bank and picked out all possible quarters and handed it over to the girl. He said he wanted to do it and that he would want to do more if possible. The contribution would have been minimum but the thought behind it of a 9 year old made that a proud moment for me as a mother.

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  1. Very touching!Your son is really caring and it reflects who you are.